Antenatal Care

The Maternity and Infant Care Scheme

Under the Maternity and Infant Care Scheme (Combined Care Scheme) antenatal care in General Practice is provided free of charge to all expectant mothers that are ordinarily residents of Ireland using a combination of visits to the expectant mother’s own general practitioner (“GP”) and a midwife/hospital obstetrician. This care extends to your newborn baby for six weeks after birth.

Under this Scheme our GP’s provide half of your antenatal care thereby reducing the need for visits to the hospital clinic.  Once your pregnancy has been confirmed we will provide you with an Application Form for you to complete.  We will return it to the HSE Maternity Service Section where it will be processed for inclusion in the Scheme. At Custom House Square Medical Centre (“CHSMC”) you pay for your initial/first consultation which includes the diagnosis/confirmation of your pregnancy and dates.

How Many Visits Does the Scheme Allow?

The Scheme allows you six routine antenatal visits and a two-week and a six-week post-natal visit.

Typical Antenatal Care Visit Schedule

Please note that care for other illnesses which you may have at this time, but which are not related to your pregnancy, are not covered by the Scheme.  Hence, if you need to attend us with a health matter unrelated to pregnancy this will incur the standard consultation fee. After the birth, we will examine your baby at two weeks and both you and baby at six weeks. Once you have attended for the six-week check-up post-delivery the Combined Care Scheme is completed.

Before 12 weeks 
Before 20 weeks 
24 weeks 
28 weeks 
30 weeks 
32 weeks 
34 weeks 
36 weeks 
37 weeks 
38 weeks 
39 weeks 
40 weeks 

How Do I Book My Antenatal Appointments with CHSMC?

Book your antenatal appointment online through our website  Alternatively, contact us by phone (01 829 0902) or by email ( to make an appointment. 

What Do I Need to Bring with me for Antenatal Appointments?

At every antenatal appointment you will need to provide a urine sample.  To help us run an efficient clinic, we would be grateful if you would have a fresh sample ready for analysis when meeting the doctor for your scheduled appointment.  Sample jars are available in our bathrooms.

Vaccinations During Pregnancy

Flu (Influenza) Vaccine

The flu vaccine is inactive and can be given safely at any time during pregnancy.  A pregnant woman who gets the flu is at risk for serious respiratory illness and complications.  Getting flu in pregnancy can also lead to premature birth and smaller babies.  Flu vaccination during pregnancy provides immunity against influenza infection to babies in the first six months of life.

Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Vaccine

Women should receive whooping cough vaccine during each pregnancy.  The expectant mother’s immunity to whooping cough wanes during pregnancy and is unlikely to protect the baby.  Vaccination is recommended between 16 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Any vaccinations during pregnancy will incur an Administration Fee.

Information on our in-house obstetric ultrasound service is also included in the “Services” section of our website.