Repeat Prescriptions

This refers to prescriptions issued without a consultation between the doctor and patient.

There is an assumption that issuing these prescriptions is a simple automated process, however, it is in fact complex, requiring collaboration between patients, clinicians and Practice staff.

Patient safety is the overarching priority.

Procedure for Requesting Repeat Prescription:

  • Email your request to (alternatively, your request can be emailed directly to a GP)
  • State your name, date of birth and dose of medication(s)
  • Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate GP
  • The GP will review your medical file and prepare the prescription if deemed safe
  • Reception will send the prescription to you, or your pharmacy

We will make every effort to provide this service to you in a timely manner. Our goal is to supply you with your prescription within two working days.

A repeat prescription will incur an administration fee.